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    At the British bed store, our upholstered beds are designed to provide the perfect combination of comfort and style. Our upholstered beds feature a soft, padded headboard that provides a comfortable and supportive rest.

    Discover the Comfort of Upholstered Beds: Sizing, Mattress Choices, Storage Options, and More

    In the world of luxury bedroom furniture, upholstered beds continue to be a top choice for those seeking comfort and style. Upholstered beds, sometimes also referred to as fabric beds, offer a distinct aesthetic and comfort level that sets them apart. But what should you know about bed sizing, mattress selection, available storage options, and more? This guide will break down everything you need to make an informed decision.

    What Are Upholstered Beds?

    At their very foundation, upholstered beds are distinguished by their design and the materials used. With their hallmark being a padded headboard and often frame, they serve as the epitome of bedroom luxury. Their structure is typically crafted with solid and sturdy materials such as wood or metal, but it is the upholstery that truly sets these beds apart. This involves covering the headboard, and often the frame, in layers of padding and high-quality fabrics, creating a plush, comfortable surface that stands in contrast to the hard, cold surfaces of more conventional bed designs.

    The variety of fabrics used for the upholstery is broad, offering homeowners a myriad of choices to suit their personal aesthetic preferences and the decor of their bedrooms. Velvet, with its rich, smooth texture and sheen, imparts a sense of opulence and grandeur. Chenille, on the other hand, offers a more casual elegance with its soft and textured feel. Linen, breathable and natural, gives an upholstered bed a classic, timeless appeal.

    Furthermore, the padded design of upholstered beds significantly boosts their comfort level. The soft headboard provides a comfortable backrest for those who enjoy sitting up in bed to read, watch television, or simply relax. Some designs even extend the padding and upholstery to the side rails and footboards, wrapping you in softness and enhancing the comfort factor.

    Moreover, the aesthetic versatility of upholstered beds is remarkable. They come in a multitude of styles, from sleek and modern designs to traditional or ornate ones. The fabric colour and pattern choices are virtually endless, ranging from neutral shades to vibrant hues and from solid colours to intricate patterns. This broad spectrum of options ensures that upholstered beds can integrate seamlessly into any bedroom decor, making them a standout centrepiece regardless of the design context

    Understanding UK Bed Sizes for Upholstered Beds

    When it comes to creating a comfortable and stylish bedroom, choosing the right size for your upholstered bed is crucial. Not only does the size of the bed impact your comfort and quality of sleep, but it also plays a significant role in maintaining the proportion and harmony of your bedroom decor. In the UK, there are several standard sizes for upholstered beds that cater to a range of needs and spaces. Let's dive deeper into these dimensions:

    1. Small Single Upholstered Beds: These compact beds measure 75 cm in width and 190 cm in length. Ideal for children's rooms, small guest rooms, or other areas where space is a premium, these beds offer a snug sleeping space without compromising on the comfort and style that come with upholstered designs. They are also a perfect option for loft spaces or studio apartments.
    2. Single Upholstered Beds: Slightly larger, single beds come in at 90 cm x 190 cm. They provide a bit more stretch-out space, making them suitable for older children, teenagers, or single adults. These beds can fit comfortably in most standard-sized bedrooms, and their fabric finish adds a touch of elegance and cosiness.
    3. Small Double Upholstered Beds: With dimensions of 120 cm x 190 cm, small double beds are a popular choice for single adults or those living in compact apartments. They offer a more spacious sleeping area than a single bed while still fitting comfortably in smaller rooms. The upholstered finish on these queen-size beds amplifies their aesthetic appeal and comfort.
    4. Double Upholstered Beds: Measuring 135 cm x 190 cm, double beds present an ample sleeping area for couples or single adults who appreciate plenty of space to move around in bed. Their larger size lends itself well to the luxurious look and feel of an upholstered finish, turning the bed into a standout feature in any bedroom.
    5. King Size Upholstered Beds: At 150 cm x 200 cm, king size beds deliver a spacious and luxurious sleeping experience. Perfect for couples or individuals who love an abundance of space, these beds are a fitting centrepiece for larger bedrooms. Their size makes a significant impact when combined with the plush, inviting look of upholstery.
    6. Super King Size Upholstered Beds: The largest of the standard sizes, super king size beds come in at a lavish 180 cm x 200 cm. They are the embodiment of luxury, offering vast amounts of space for sleepers. These beds work beautifully in large master bedrooms, where their size and the sophistication of the upholstered design can truly shine.

    Keep in mind that choosing the right bed size isn't just about your sleeping habits or preferences; it's also about balancing aesthetics and function in your room. Consider the size and layout of your room and remember to leave enough space for other furniture and for easy movement. Finally, envision how the upholstered bed of your choice, in its selected size, would complement the overall decor theme. The beauty of upholstered beds lies not just in their comfort, but in their ability to elevate the entire ambiance of a room.

    Choosing Colours and Fabrics for your Upholstered Bed

    The true charm of an upholstered bed is its versatility and customisability. With an array of fabrics and colours to choose from, you have the freedom to create a bed that fits your personal style and complements your bedroom's décor.

    fabrics and colours of upholstered beds

    Fabrics to Consider

    Firstly, it's essential to select the fabric type that suits your comfort level and design aesthetic.

    1. Soft Velvet: Velvet is synonymous with luxury, and soft velvet adds an element of sophisticated softness to your bed. Its plush, rich texture is inviting, providing an excellent blend of comfort and opulence.
    2. Crushed Velvet: Crushed velvet has a unique, highly textural appearance that gives a touch of vintage glamour to your bed. Its iridescent quality and plushness lend an extra depth of elegance.
    3. Linen: Linen is a classic fabric choice, known for its durability and breathability. Its slightly textured finish gives a casual, relaxed vibe to the bed, making it perfect for creating a laid-back yet stylish bedroom atmosphere.
    4. Naples: Naples fabric is smooth, resilient and has a subtle sheen, contributing a sleek, contemporary touch to your upholstered bed.

    For customers with specific requirements or a unique vision, we offer the option to order swatches from hundreds of fabric options to find the perfect match.

    Colour Choices

    After selecting the ideal fabric, the next step is to choose a colour that harmonises with your bedroom décor. Here are some options you might consider:

    1. Neutrals (White, Cream, Grey): These shades provide a clean, modern, and versatile base that can seamlessly blend with almost any décor theme. They bring a calm, serene vibe to the room.
    2. Dark Shades (Black, Midnight Blue, Charcoal): Darker tones add depth and drama to your bedroom. They are perfect for creating a statement piece and can give your room an air of opulence and sophistication.
    3. Vibrant Hues (Emerald Green, Teal, Royal Blue): These shades are excellent for injecting a pop of colour into your room. They can be the standout feature and uplift the entire bedroom's mood.
    4. Soft Tones (Blush Pink, Dusty Rose, Light Blue): Soft tones bring a soothing and tranquil feel to the room. They add a touch of femininity and elegance to your upholstered bed.
    5. Bold Colours (Mustard Yellow, Scarlet Red, Bright Orange): If you're adventurous and love a dash of excitement in your décor, bold colours might be the perfect choice. They add a vibrant, energetic feel to the room.

    Teal upholstered bed

    Choosing the right colour and fabric for your upholstered bed can turn it into a stunning centrepiece that reflects your style and enhances your comfort.

    The Right Mattress for Your Upholstered Bed

    After selecting your bed's size and colour, the next important step is to choose the right mattress. A mattress is a crucial element that can greatly impact your sleep quality. When choosing a mattress, consider factors such as firmness, material (memory foam, latex, innerspring, etc.), and your personal sleep style (side sleeper, back sleeper, etc.).

    Storage Options

    One of the major benefits of upholstered beds is the potential for built-in storage. Some upholstered beds feature drawers built into the frame, providing convenient, hidden storage. This is particularly beneficial in smaller rooms where additional storage solutions may be challenging to incorporate.

    Another popular storage solution in upholstered beds is the Ottoman style, where the mattress base lifts to reveal a sizeable hidden storage compartment. This design maximises the use of space, providing a place to store extra bedding, clothes, or whatever else you might need to tuck away.

    Brigitte Chesterfield Upholstered storage bed

    Can upholstered beds be cleaned?

    Yes, upholstered beds can be cleaned. However, the cleaning method often depends on the type of fabric used. Some materials can be spot-cleaned using a mild detergent, while others might require a specific fabric cleaner. Some high-end fabrics may even require professional cleaning. It's always a good idea to check the manufacturer's cleaning instructions for the best results.

    Are upholstered beds durable?

    Absolutely! Upholstered beds are designed to be robust and long-lasting. The durability often comes down to the quality of materials used and how well the bed is cared for. A well-built bed frame made from durable materials like solid hardwood, combined with high-quality upholstery, can ensure your bed stands the test of time. Regular cleaning and following care instructions can also extend the life of your bed.

    Can I reupholster my bed in the future?

    Yes, many upholstered beds can be reupholstered. This option gives your bed a fresh lease of life, particularly if your style changes over time or the upholstery starts to show signs of wear. However, reupholstering is a skilled job and often requires professional assistance.

    Can upholstered beds come with storage options?

    Yes, many upholstered bed designs come with integrated storage options. The storage might be in the form of under-bed drawers or an ottoman-style lift-up system that uses the whole underside of the bed. This added functionality is particularly valuable in homes where space is at a premium.

    Are upholstered beds suitable for all types of mattresses?

    Generally, yes. Upholstered bed frames are compatible with most types of mattresses - be it memory foam, innerspring, latex, or hybrid. However, it's essential to ensure that the mattress's size matches the bed frame and that the bed's base can adequately support the mattress's weight. Always check the manufacturer's recommendations to ensure a good fit.

    A Mini Guide to Buying an Upholstered Bed: Key Considerations

    Purchasing an upholstered bed is not just about finding a comfortable place to sleep; it's about choosing a piece that will add style and character to your bedroom. With the right approach and considerations, you can select an upholstered bed that meets your comfort needs and complements your interior design. Here's a mini guide to help you navigate the key considerations when buying an upholstered bed:

    1. Room Style and Bed Aesthetics

    An upholstered bed should harmonise with your room's overall aesthetic. Consider the room's colour scheme, existing furniture, and overall style. Are you aiming for a minimalist and modern look, a classic and traditional vibe, or something eclectic and unique?

    Remember, upholstered beds come in a variety of fabrics and colours that can fit into virtually any design scheme. For example, a soft velvet bed in a deep navy could provide a centrepiece for a luxurious, modern bedroom, while a linen upholstered bed in a neutral tone could complement a minimalist or Scandinavian inspired room.

    1. Headboard Design

    The headboard is often the focal point of an upholstered bed and can significantly influence the bed's overall appearance and the room's aesthetic.

    For those who prefer simple and understated elegance, a plain headboard can be a great choice. If your style leans towards the luxurious, consider an upholstered headboard with button detailing or diamond tufting for added glamour and sophistication.

    Alexa Bed Frame with upholstered headboard

    Don't forget to consider the practical aspects of the headboard as well. If you love to read or watch television in bed, a taller, cushioned headboard can provide extra comfort.

    1. Bed Frame Quality

    The bed frame is the skeleton of your bed; hence, its quality is essential for ensuring longevity and your comfort. Quality bed frames are usually made from robust and durable materials like solid hardwood. They offer stable support, resilience against wear and tear, and can significantly impact the overall comfort and lifespan of your bed.

    Look for bed frames that are sturdy, with high-quality joinery and a good support system for the mattress. Remember, while aesthetic appeal is essential, it shouldn't come at the expense of quality and durability.

    1. Storage Options

    In contemporary homes, especially where space is a premium, beds with storage options are increasingly popular. Upholstered beds often come with a range of storage options such as drawers or ottoman style lift-up systems. These options allow you to utilise the space under the bed, providing a perfect solution for storing bedding, out-of-season clothing, or items you want to keep out of sight.

    1. Maintenance and Cleaning

    Finally, consider the maintenance and cleaning requirements of the upholstered bed you choose. Certain fabrics and colours might need more frequent cleaning or special care, so choose a fabric that suits your lifestyle and capacity for maintenance.

    Cleaning upholstered bed and headboard

    Remember, the choice of an upholstered bed goes beyond just style and comfort. With these considerations, you can make a well-informed decision that brings beauty, functionality, and comfort to your bedroom.

    Upholstered beds at British Bed Store

    Upholstered beds, with their comfort, style, and versatility, are a worthy addition to any bedroom. Understanding the sizes, mattress choices, and storage options available can help you choose a bed that fits your needs perfectly. Whether you prefer the rich feel of velvet or the laid-back vibe of linen, there's an upholstered bed out there for you.

    Remember, a bed is more than just a piece of furniture; it's an investment in your comfort and well-being. By taking the time to explore your options and make informed decisions, you can find an upholstered bed that you'll love for years to come.