Divan Ottoman Beds

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    If you're looking for a stylish and practical solution to increase storage space in your bedroom, our ottoman beds at the British bed store are the perfect choice.

    Unleashing Style and Practicality with Ottoman Bed Frames

    Welcome to the Ottoman Bed Collection at British Bed Store! Our assortment stands as a testament to the perfect blend of style, comfort, and practicality. Whether you're aiming to tidy a child's room or seeking additional space for extra bedding, we assure you our Ottoman beds are an impeccable choice. Here you will find an array of Ottoman beds in different finishes, ranging from sophisticated grey fabric beds to bold blue velvet ottomans.

    Exceptional Variety for Every Preference

    Our collection boasts an array of sizes, styles, and finishes, allowing you to select the perfect bed for your abode. Single ottoman beds are an ideal space-saving option for decorating small guest rooms. However, if you are considering a room makeover, our king-size ottoman bed would make a splendid addition. And for those planning to outfit an entire bedroom, feel free to explore our comprehensive bedroom furniture range to create your dream sanctuary.

    Sizes Tailored to Your Space and Preferences

    The British Bed Store presents Ottoman beds in multiple sizes to cater to various floor spaces and preferences:

    • Single Ottoman Beds (3' x 6'3"): Perfect for smaller bedrooms or those desiring a minimalistic aesthetic.
    • Small Double Ottoman Beds (4' x 6'3"): An efficient-sized bed providing practical storage.
    • Double Ottoman Beds (4'6'' x 6'3"): Offers ample storage while ensuring comfort.
    • King Size Ottoman Beds (5' x 6'6"): Combines the luxury of king size beds with the practicality of Ottoman storage.
    • Super King Ottoman Bed (6' x 6'6"): The ultimate solution for those needing extra room while desiring the elegance of a royal sleep.

    Table 1: Sizes of Ottoman Beds and Storage Capacity


    Dimensions (approx.)

    Suitable For

    Storage Example


    90cm x 190cm

    Ideal for children's rooms or small guest rooms.

    Can fit small items such as linens and pillows.


    135cm x 190cm

    Suitable for adults or couples with moderate space.

    Can store larger items, like suitcases or seasonal clothing.


    150cm x 200cm

    Larger than a double, good for couples or single individuals who want more space.

    Ample storage for larger items and boxes, even a folding bicycle.


    180cm x 200cm

    Provides ample space for couples or individuals

    Can store large items, multiple boxes, or a variety of smaller items.

    Please note that the dimensions and storage capacities are approximate and may vary based on the specific model and manufacturer of the ottoman bed.

    What is the height of the storage space in an Ottoman bed?

    The height of the storage space in an Ottoman bed can vary widely depending on the design and style of the bed. Generally, the storage space tends to range from about 25cm (around 10 inches) to 50cm (around 20 inches) in height. This range allows for the storage of a variety of items, from small personal items to larger objects like luggage or boxes.

    Our Ottoman Bed Styles

    Ottoman beds at British Bed Store come in an assortment of styles. We offer:

    • Ottoman TV Beds: Experience the epitome of comfort and extravagance. With these beds, you have the ability to incorporate a television for the ultimate in bedroom relaxation. They offer a modern twist on the traditional bed, providing a spacious storage space within the bed frame without compromising on style or comfort.

    • Chesterfield Ottoman Bed: Savour the blend of iconic Chesterfield style and Ottoman practicality. Renowned for its deep buttoning and high quality, a Chesterfield bed offers timeless elegance. When combined with the spacious storage of an Ottoman bed, it brings a high level of sophistication and functionality to any bedroom.

    • Ottoman Sleigh Beds: Embrace grandeur with the intricately designed Ottoman sleigh bed. Their distinctive curved or scrolled head and foot ends bring a sense of luxury, whilst the under-bed storage offers a practical solution to help keep your room tidy and clutter-free.

    • Ottoman Scroll Beds: The perfect blend of style and practicality for any bedroom setting. With their curved headboards and footboards and generous storage space, these beds are designed for those who appreciate aesthetics and functionality in equal measure.

    • Ottoman Winged Beds: Strike the perfect balance between style and space-saving storage. The distinctive winged headboard adds a modern touch, while the ample under-bed storage provides a clever solution for keeping your bedroom neat and organized. These beds truly redefine the concept of 'luxury meets functionality'.

    Selecting the Ideal Mattress for Your Ottoman Bed

    Standard mattresses fit seamlessly on Ottoman beds. You can pair your Ottoman mattress with the size of the bed you select. For example, a single mattress fits a single Ottoman bed, while a double mattress goes with a double Ottoman bed. To simplify things, we provide an option to add your mattress while you're browsing the product page, ensuring a perfect match for your new Ottoman bed.

    1. Memory Foam Mattresses: Memory foam mattresses are excellent for those looking for contouring support. They adjust to your body's shape, evenly distributing your body weight and relieving pressure points. This makes them ideal for individuals with back or joint pain.

    2. Pocket Spring Mattresses: These mattresses contain individually wrapped springs, which move independently. This provides tailored support, as the springs will adapt to your body shape and weight. It also minimizes the risk of you being disturbed by a partner moving during the night.

    3. Latex Mattresses: Latex mattresses are known for their durability and breathability. They are also naturally hypoallergenic and antibacterial, making them a good choice for people with allergies. They provide firm support and comfort, and are particularly good for those with back pain.

    4. Hybrid Mattresses: Hybrid mattresses combine the benefits of memory foam or latex layers with an underlying layer of pocket springs. This combination provides both the pressure-relieving benefits of memory foam or latex and the tailored support of pocket springs. It's the best of both worlds and can be ideal for sleepers of different sizes and sleep preferences.

    5. Gel Mattresses: Similar to memory foam mattresses, gel mattresses offer excellent pressure relief. The gel can also help keep the mattress cooler, making these a good option for those who find memory foam mattresses too warm.

    Remember, the type of mattress you choose can greatly impact your comfort and the quality of your sleep. Therefore, it's crucial to select the right one that caters to your personal needs and preferences. Each mattress type listed can be paired perfectly with our Ottoman beds, ensuring not only a good night's sleep but also an efficient use of your space.

    The Versatility of Ottoman Beds

    Ottoman beds bring several benefits, but their extra storage provision stands as the major selling point. If you have a smaller bedroom or face difficulties maintaining tidiness, this additional space can turn a cluttered room into a Marie Kondo-inspired sanctuary.

    Ottoman beds are durable, provided they're high quality and assembled correctly. They're completely safe to use without any issues. Just follow all assembly instructions correctly, and be mindful when lifting and lowering your Ottoman.

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    Different Types of Ottoman Storage

    We offer three types of Ottoman storage:

    • Lift-up Ottoman Beds: These beds rise from the foot end, offering easy access to belongings beneath the bed frame.
    • Side-lift Ottoman Beds: Allows access from the side of the bed, revealing spacious storage.
    • Two-drawer Half Ottomans: Combines the benefits of lift-up storage with pull-out side drawers for organized storage.

    Table 2: Types of Ottoman Beds




    Opens from the foot of the bed, provides maximum storage space.


    Opens from the side of the bed, easier access in tighter spaces.


    A compromise between End-Lift and Side-Lift, offers easier access and storage.

     Our ottoman beds offer ample storage, easy lift mechanisms, multimedia capabilities, a broad selection of styles.

    Clever Shadow Storage Solution

    • Shadow Storage Ottomans: These ottomans are designed with hidden storage areas that use the unused space beneath the mattress, providing an efficient solution without compromising the bed's aesthetic appeal.

    Quality & Comfort: Our Guarantee

    Every ottoman bed at British Bed Store is designed with a focus on quality and comfort. From the robustness of the materials used to the precision of the craftsmanship, we are meticulous in ensuring that each bed we sell meets our strict quality standards. The beds are also designed for comfort, with mattresses that provide a good balance of firmness and softness, ensuring that you wake up refreshed every morning.

    Convenience Delivered to Your Doorstep

    We believe that shopping for a new bed should be as convenient as possible. That's why we offer home delivery and assembly services for our Ottoman beds. Simply select your preferred bed, add it to your cart, and choose the delivery and assembly option during checkout. Our skilled team will deliver your new bed to your doorstep and assemble it in your chosen location, ensuring that it's set up correctly for optimum safety and longevity.

    What are Ottoman beds?

    Ottoman beds are a type of storage bed with a base that lifts up to reveal a large area for storing items. They offer a practical solution for those who need extra storage space in their bedroom.

    Are Ottoman beds easy to assemble?

    Yes, Ottoman beds are easy to assemble with a clear set of instructions. However, we do offer an assembly service if you'd prefer us to set up your new bed.

    Can I use my current mattress on an Ottoman bed?

    Absolutely, as long as the mattress size corresponds to the size of the Ottoman bed. For instance, a double mattress would fit perfectly on a double Ottoman bed.

    How does the storage in an Ottoman bed work?

    The storage in an Ottoman bed can be accessed by lifting the mattress and bed base, which are usually attached to a hydraulic mechanism that makes lifting easy and safe.

    Is the lifting mechanism in an Ottoman bed safe?

    Yes, the lifting mechanism in an Ottoman bed is designed to be safe and easy to use. The hydraulic pistons used in these beds ensure a smooth and controlled lifting and closing action, reducing the risk of accidents.

    How much storage space does an Ottoman bed offer?

    The exact amount of storage space will depend on the size and design of the bed, but typically an Ottoman bed uses the majority of the space under the bed for storage. It can provide up to four times the storage of a standard divan bed.

    Do Ottoman beds come in different styles and materials?

    Absolutely, Ottoman beds come in a variety of styles and materials to suit any bedroom décor. They are available in different sizes - single, double, king, and super king. You can find them in various materials such as fabric, leather, and wooden finishes.

    Can I choose the type of mattress that comes with an Ottoman bed?

    While many Ottoman beds come with a mattress, some may not. This gives you the flexibility to choose a mattress that suits your comfort preference. Always check the product description or reach out to us for confirmation.

    Are Ottoman beds durable?

    Yes, Ottoman beds are designed to be robust and long-lasting. The frame of an Ottoman bed is typically built from high-quality, durable materials to ensure it can comfortably support the weight of the mattress, bedding, and people.

    Does the Ottoman bed require any special kind of maintenance?

    Ottoman beds don't require any special maintenance. It's recommended to periodically check the lifting mechanism to ensure it operates smoothly, but otherwise, they can be cared for like any other bed. Cleaning instructions will depend on the material of the bed.

    What's the difference between Ottoman beds and Divan beds?

    Many might use the terms Ottoman and Divan beds interchangeably, but they are distinct from each other. Both feature a similar wooden framework enveloped in a layer of fabric and padding. However, Ottoman beds stand out due to their extensive under-mattress storage space. On the other hand, Divan beds typically incorporate storage drawers within their design.

    Are there different types of Ottoman beds?

    Absolutely! Ottoman beds come in a variety of styles and sizes to suit different preferences and needs. For example, you can find end-lift ottomans that open from the foot of the bed, side-lift ottomans that open from the side, and half-lift ottomans that offer a compromise between easy access and maximum storage. They also come in different sizes, including single, double, queen, king, and super king.

    How does the lifting mechanism on an Ottoman bed work?

    The lifting mechanism on an Ottoman bed is usually powered by gas struts or hydraulic pistons, making it easy to lift the mattress and access the storage area beneath. This design ensures that you can easily use the storage space without needing to lift a heavy mattress manually. However, it's important to ensure the mechanism is in good working condition and well-maintained for long-term usage.

    Is assembly required for Ottoman beds?

    Most Ottoman beds do require some level of assembly upon delivery. However, many manufacturers provide detailed assembly instructions or even video guides to help. Some suppliers offer an assembly service for an additional fee.

    Can Ottoman beds support heavy mattresses?

    Yes, Ottoman beds are designed with robust frames and powerful lift mechanisms, which means they can support the weight of heavy mattresses. Nevertheless, always check the specific weight limits in the product details before purchasing to ensure the Ottoman bed will suit your chosen mattress.

    In conclusion, if you're looking for a bed that combines comfort, style, and practicality, with the added bonus of ample hidden storage, then an ottoman bed is for you. These cleverly designed beds are the perfect solution to declutter your bedroom and enhance your sleep environment. With our vast selection at British Bed Store, we're confident you'll find the perfect ottoman bed to meet your needs and suit your style. So why wait? Explore our ottoman bed collection today and transform your bedroom into a haven of tranquillity and order.