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    British Bed Store presents an array of divan beds, expertly designed to blend comfort and convenience seamlessly, enhancing your sleeping experience. Divans that are customisable with many quality materials to suit you.


    Introducing the Divan Bed Collection at British Bed Store

    The British Bed Store is proud to present a diverse collection of divan beds in a myriad of sizes and styles. From compact single children's beds to lavish super king sizes, our divan bed range caters to every requirement. Are you looking for divan beds with storage for your main bedroom, or perhaps a divan bed with drawers for your child's room? Maybe you are intrigued by the prospect of an elegant divan bed complete with a stylish headboard? Whichever your particular needs, we can fulfil them. Discover the beauty of classic grey or white divan bed designs or make a bold style statement with blue velvet divan beds.

    The Bed Specialists: Offering Exquisite Divan Bed Bases

     Divan bed bases are the ideal choice for space efficiency, providing generous storage areas for clothes, extra bedding, or miscellaneous items. They are an excellent choice for a guest room, seamlessly combining a stylish, comfortable bed with practical extra storage. If you're contemplating replacing your mattress simultaneously as your bed, we've got you covered. At British Bed Store, you can purchase a divan bed and mattress together, potentially saving money with our exclusive divan bed and mattress deals!

    Why Choose a Divan Bed Frame?

    Divan beds provide more than just a comfortable, timeless sleeping solution; they also come equipped with smart space-saving storage features. If you're working with limited space and are keen to optimise storage, a divan bed base with built-in storage is an excellent choice. Additionally, most divan beds are the same depth and width as the mattress that goes on them, so you don't need to factor in additional room for your divan bed frame.

    At the British Bed Store, our divan beds are available with a variety of mattress options, allowing you to tailor your new bed to your sleep style. We also offer an array of different designs so you can find an affordable divan bed that perfectly matches your décor and taste. Offering a blend of timeless style, practicality, and affordability, divan beds indeed offer the complete package!

    Available Sizes of Divan Beds

     Our divan bed bases come in a range of sizes to accommodate all sleepers. Some of our most popular sizes include:

    1. Single Divan Beds: Perfect for those seeking a new bed that won't consume too much space. A single divan bed can be purchased with or without a headboard or frame, and at 3ft wide, they'll only be as wide as the mattress.
    2. Small Double Divan Beds: Stylish, comfortable, and sturdy, a small double divan base as a 4ft bed base is the epitome of stylishness.
    3. Double Divan Beds: Double divan bed frames have proven their enduring style over time. Our high-quality, sturdy 4ft6 divan beds make the perfect addition to any bedroom.
    4. King Size Divan Beds: For a regal sleep experience, choose a king size divan bed with mattress from our extensive range at British Bed Store. Our king size bed bases measure in at 5 ft.
    5. Super King Size Divan Beds: For a truly grand sleep experience, select from our premier range of super king divan beds. At 6ft by 6ft 6”, a super king divan base will make a bold statement in a spacious bedroom, providing you and a partner with all the sleep space you could ever desire.

    Table 1: Comparison of Divan Bed Sizes

    Bed Size

    Ideal For


    Single Divan Beds

    Solo sleepers or children

    3 ft wide

    Small Double Divan Beds

    Solo sleepers who prefer more space or couples in a compact room

    4 ft wide

    Double Divan Beds


    4 ft 6 inches wide

    King Size Divan Beds

    Couples who prefer more space

    5 ft wide

    Super King Size Divan Beds

    Couples who prefer ample space, larger bedrooms

    6 ft wide


    Understanding Divan Beds

    So, what exactly is a divan bed? A divan bed base is constructed with a sturdy wooden frame, then typically upholstered in a fabric such as velvet or linen. Assembling is a breeze – the two sections of the divan frame are joined together, with your mattress then positioned directly on top of the divan bed base. We also provide divan bed bases with storage options, including divan beds with drawers and ottoman styles. These beds utilise the interior space to provide plenty of room for storage, maximising your space. Whether you opt for a divan bed with drawers featuring a large pull-out drawer underneath or an ottoman style divan bed that lifts up to reveal storage space, you can be sure that our divans are modern beds that will enhance any bedroom décor!

    The Distinction: Divan Beds vs. Ottoman Beds

     Traditionally, ottoman beds lift to offer storage underneath the mattress, while a divan bed has drawers that pull out from underneath. This means an ottoman often provides extra space, as you can use the entire bed base for storage. However, a divan bed with storage drawers doesn't need to be lifted for access, making them a more convenient option for many.

    At British Bed Store, many of our divan bed bases offer customisable storage options. You can choose a plain base, a base with drawers, or an ottoman style. It all boils down to your personal preferences.

    Table 3: Divan Bed vs. Ottoman Bed


    Divan Bed

    Ottoman Bed


    Drawers pull out from underneath

    Entire bed base lifts up to offer storage


    Doesn't need lifting to access storage

    Requires lifting to access storage


    Offers decent storage space

    Provides extra storage space by using the entire bed base

     What Storage Options are Available with Divan Beds?

    Each divan bed available at the British Bed Store comes with a selection of storage options:

    • Divan Bed with 2 Drawers:
      • Ideal for rooms that are somewhat limited on space
      • Offers extra storage without taking up additional floor space
    • Divan Bed with 4 Drawers:
      • Suitable for those with numerous items to store
      • Provides ample storage space for bedding, clothing, and more
    • Ottoman Divan Bed:
      • Allows access to the entire bed frame for storage
      • Easy-to-access option for maximising storage

    Table 2: Divan Bed Storage Options

    Storage Option

    Ideal For


    2 Drawers

    Rooms with limited space

    Offers extra storage without occupying additional floor space

    4 Drawers

    Rooms with ample space, Users with more storage needs

    Provides plenty of storage space for bedding, clothing, etc.

    Ottoman Divan Bed

    Maximum storage requirement

    Provides access to the entire bed frame for storage, requires lifting to access

     Exploring Mattress Options for Your Divan Bed

    Purchasing a divan bed along with a mattress has never been more straightforward. At the British Bed Store, we offer an extensive range of mattresses, each with their unique features, to complement your divan bed purchase. Here are a few options you might consider:

    • Memory Foam Mattress: Moulds to your body's shape, providing personalised comfort and support. Paired with a divan bed, it offers a combination of luxury and practicality.
    • Pocket Sprung Mattress: Each spring works independently, providing excellent spinal support and reducing motion transfer. It's a good match for a divan bed, providing durability and support.
    • Hybrid Mattress: Combines the benefits of memory foam and spring technologies. When added to a divan bed, it enhances comfort while taking advantage of the bed's storage options.
    • Latex Mattress: Known for its resilience and durability. When purchased with a divan bed, it contributes to longevity while capitalising on the bed's practicality.
    • Orthopaedic Mattress: Designed to provide additional support for your back and joints. Pairing this with a divan bed allows for maximum comfort and utility.

    Benefits of Buying a Divan Bed with a Mattress

    The British Bed Store offers you the option to add a mattress directly from the product page when buying a divan bed, delivering convenience right at your fingertips. Here are a few benefits:

    • Hassle-Free Shopping: Buying a divan bed and mattress together eliminates the need to search separately, saving time and energy.
    • Perfect Fit: As the mattresses are tailored to fit the divan beds, it removes any worries about getting the correct size.
    • Matched Comfort: Our expertly paired divan beds and mattresses ensure a balanced level of comfort and support.

    Whether you're looking to buy a complete divan bed and mattress set or just the divan frame, we've got you covered. The combinations of divan beds with our range of mattresses make for the ideal sleep solutions, suited to every bedroom's needs.

    Divan Bases: Available without Mattresses?

    While the divan bases sold here at British Bed Store come without a mattress as standard, we offer the option for you to choose a mattress to go with your new divan bed. We have a wide range of mattresses in various sizes and types to provide you with a comfortable sleep every night on your new divan bed!

    Is a Divan Bed a Smart Investment?

     Divan beds are increasingly becoming a go-to solution for many due to their unique combination of comfort, elegance, and functionality. But is it a smart investment? The simple answer is yes. Firstly, divan beds are generally long-lasting due to their sturdy construction. Secondly, their integrated storage facilities make them a boon in smaller rooms or areas where additional storage space is beneficial. Lastly, their aesthetic versatility means they can blend seamlessly into any bedroom décor.

    Why is a Divan Bed Ideal for a Guest Room?

    A divan bed is an excellent choice for a guest room for several reasons. They offer unrivalled comfort, ensuring that your guests will have a good night's sleep. The built-in storage is also very handy in a guest room, offering a place to store additional bedding, pillows, or guest's belongings without taking up additional space. Moreover, they add an element of sophistication to any room, helping to create a welcoming environment for your guests.

    Can a Divan Bed be Customised?

    Indeed, at the British Bed Store, we offer an extensive degree of customisation to ensure your divan bed not only suits your needs but also enhances your bedroom aesthetics. You can tailor your divan bed in multiple ways: choose your preferred size and type of mattress, and select a headboard style and colour that echoes your personal taste. Beyond that, our divan beds come with a rich variety of upholstery options - Plush Velvet, Soft Velvet, Naples and Linen, each available in an array of colours. Furthermore, you have the choice to opt for cloth buttons or add a sparkle of glamour with diamantes. Craft your ideal divan bed with us, designed exclusively for you!

    Storage Capacity of a Divan Bed

     The drawers in our divan beds with storage measure 53cm in depth and 22cm in height, with the width varying depending on your choice of drawers. When choosing your divan base, you can select up to four drawers or simply opt for an end drawer situated at the foot of the bed.

    The Versatility of Divan Beds: With or Without a Headboard

     Yes, all our divans can be customised with your preferred headboard. When choosing a divan bed with a headboard, you can select from many styles and colour variations! If you prefer to save on space or don't require a headboard, you can opt not to have one.

    Cleaning Divan Beds

    Maintaining the cleanliness and freshness of your divan bed is crucial for its longevity and your health. Start by regularly vacuuming the fabric cover to prevent dust accumulation. If any spills occur, promptly treat them with a suitable fabric cleaner or mild soap, following the manufacturer's instructions. In cases of deep or stubborn stains, it might be necessary to hire a professional upholstery cleaning service.

    Changing the Upholstery on Divan Beds

    The ability to change the upholstery on your divan bed depends on its design. Some divan bed bases feature removable and replaceable covers, offering the flexibility to switch the aesthetic as per your preferences. However, this is not a standard feature for all divan beds. To ensure that you have this option, it's advised to check with the retailer or the manufacturer before making a purchase.

    Choosing a Mattress for Divan Beds

    The type of mattress you choose for your divan bed is a matter of personal preference. Divan beds do not require a specific kind of mattress, which means you're free to select a mattress based on your preferred firmness level, material, and size that matches the divan base. The mattress's comfort and support should align with your sleeping habits and physical needs to ensure restful sleep.

    Adding a Headboard to Divan Beds

    While headboards are not a necessity for divan beds, they can certainly enhance the overall aesthetics and comfort of your bed setup. Divan beds and headboards are typically sold separately, allowing you the flexibility to choose a headboard that complements your interior décor and personal style. From plush upholstered designs to sleek wooden options, the choices are abundant.

    Lifespan of Divan Beds

    The lifespan of a divan bed is determined by the quality of its construction and the care it receives over time. High-quality divan beds, when well maintained, can easily serve you for 7 to 10 years, and possibly longer. Regular cleaning, rotating the mattress, and avoiding excessive weight can contribute to extending your divan bed's life.

    Recycling Divan Beds

    Most components of a divan bed, such as the wooden frame, metal springs, and certain upholstery types, are recyclable. This feature aligns with the modern-day emphasis on environmental sustainability. It's always a good idea to consult with your local waste disposal service or council to understand the options for responsibly disposing of or recycling your old divan bed.

    Assembling Divan Beds

    Divan beds are generally designed for easy assembly, with most models arriving in two halves that simply need to be connected. However, the ease of assembly can vary depending on the specific model. At British Bed Store, we offer assembly services along with 2-man delivery.

    Using Divan Beds without a Mattress

    While a divan bed technically can be used without a mattress, it is not recommended. Without a mattress, a divan bed would not provide the necessary comfort and support required for a restful sleep. Using a divan bed without a mattress can also potentially damage the bed base. It is always recommended to pair your divan bed with a suitable mattress for optimum comfort and durability.

    To Wrap Up: Why Choose British Bed Store for Your Divan Bed Purchase?

     Here at the British Bed Store, we pride ourselves on our comprehensive selection of divan beds, offering a style, size, and storage option to suit every need. Our knowledgeable and friendly team is always on hand to help you make the right choice. Additionally, our competitive prices and easy online ordering process make purchasing your divan bed a breeze. So why wait? Explore our range of divan beds and find the perfect sleep solution for your home today!

    In conclusion, a divan bed from the British Bed Store is an excellent choice for any home. Whether you're seeking the versatility of storage options, the comfort of a quality mattress, or the aesthetic elegance of a well-crafted bed frame, we've got you covered. So why wait? Start your journey towards a better night's sleep with a divan bed today!