Storage Beds

    At The British Bed Store, we understand the importance of maximising space and functionality without compromising on style or comfort with our storage beds.

    Our storage beds boast hidden storage compartments cleverly concealed beneath the mattress, providing ample space for storing your belongings while maintaining a clean and uncluttered look in your bedroom. These compartments are designed to be discreet, ensuring that the storage solution does not detract from the overall aesthetic of your bed or room.

    Equipped with gas-lift hydraulics, our storage beds make accessing the under-bed storage smooth and effortless. You can store a variety of items under the bed, including pillows, blankets, clothes, books, or toys, while keeping them neatly organized and out of sight.

    Our collection of storage beds is available in an array of sizes, styles, and finishes to suit any bedroom décor. From sleek and modern designs to classic and traditional styles, you're sure to find the perfect bed that complements your individual taste.

    In addition to offering exceptional functionality, our storage beds are also designed with your comfort in mind. Our beds feature high-quality materials and construction, ensuring you enjoy a restful night's sleep.

    Don't just take our word for it; read through the glowing customer reviews and testimonials on our website to see why The British Bed Store's storage beds are the preferred choice for many.

    Whether you're looking to create extra storage space in a small bedroom, or simply desire a stylish and practical bed, our storage beds offer the perfect solution. Explore our extensive collection today and experience the ultimate in comfort, convenience, and style.

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    Revolutionise your bedroom with a storage bed

    As the saying goes, a tidy room can lead to a tidy mind, and this notion perfectly encapsulates why investing in a storage bed can be so beneficial. It's an unpleasant sight to behold a disarrayed, cluttered room especially when you're about to retire for the night. A bed frame equipped with storage facilities might just be the antidote to your messy room woes, effectively transforming your space into a neat, tranquil haven.

    At British Bed Store, our expansive collection of storage beds is diverse in design and style, enabling you to prioritise practicality without the need to compromise on aesthetics. From classic wooden bed frames featuring underneath drawer storage to audacious blue velvet lift-up storage beds destined to be a focal point in any room, we are confident you'll find a storage bed in our range that meets your specific requirements. Whatever your preference, all of our storage beds come with convenient, hidden compartments designed to assist you in maintaining order and minimising mess.

    Embrace the concept of under-bed storage

    Storage beds can be the perfect solution if you're faced with the challenge of a limited floor area or if you're seeking to optimise space in a guest room to its full potential. Are you struggling to squeeze in a chest of drawers? Don't fret – a bed with pull-out drawers can effectively double your storage capacity. Is your shoe collection spiralling out of control? An ottoman lift-up bed frame could be the ideal hiding spot.

    In addition to spacious king-size options, perfect for those who value their stretching space at night, our range includes compact single beds with storage, ideal for children's rooms or spare rooms. We also offer storage beds that come equipped with modern technological features, including TV beds and USB charging. Rest assured, whatever your needs may be, we are confident that you'll find a storage bed in our collection that you'll fall in love with.

    Understanding the diverse types of storage beds

    Our bed frames with storage come in a variety of styles, designed to cater to your specific preferences and room layout. Here are some of the popular types of storage beds we offer:

    1. Ottoman storage beds: An ottoman bed frame boasts an expansive under-bed storage area capable of accommodating larger items such as blankets, bedding, and more. They are the ideal choice for a smaller bedroom, as they essentially offer the entire bed area as storage.
    2. Storage beds with drawers: These bed frames offer discreet drawer storage in the base of the bed, perfect for storing smaller items such as accessories or nightwear. You can choose from beds with side drawers, end drawers, or both, providing the ultimate in under-bed storage.
    3. Bunk beds with storage: Our bunk beds with storage are an excellent space-saving solution for a child's bedroom. As well as providing two separate sleeping areas, they also feature additional built-in shelving for extra storage.
    4. Mid/high sleeper storage beds: Mid or high-sleeper beds are perfect for children or teenagers. The sleeping area is elevated, allowing for extra storage space underneath. Many options include desks, drawers, built-in bookcases, and more.
    5. Guest bed trundle: The under-bed trundle can fit snugly under any single bed, providing an additional sleeping option for guests.
    Storage Bed Type Benefit
    Ottoman Storage Beds Provides ample space for storing larger items like bedding, pillows, and luggage. Lift-up mechanism allows easy access to storage space. Helps in maintaining a clean and uncluttered bedroom environment.
    Drawer Storage Beds

    Ideal for storing smaller items like clothes, accessories, or books. Drawers can be accessed without disturbing the bed. Allows for organized storage and easy retrieval of items.

    Bunk Beds with Storage  Perfect for children's rooms, saving space by providing sleeping area and storage in one furniture piece. Offers additional shelving or cupboards for toys, books, etc. Enhances the room layout, especially in shared bedrooms.
    Mid/High Sleeper Storage Beds Offers a raised sleeping area with generous storage space underneath. Can include built-in features like desks, bookcases, or wardrobes. Great for maximizing space utilization in kids or teenagers' rooms.
    Guest Bed with Trundle Offers an under-bed storage that can double as an extra sleeping area. Perfect for guest rooms, ensuring space is efficiently used. Trundles can be tucked away when not in use, freeing up floor space.

    Remember, the choice of a storage bed would depend on your specific needs, room size, and personal style preferences. Each of these bed types comes in a variety of materials and finishes, including soft velvet, crushed velvet, linen, and Naples, which can complement any interior design scheme.

    Dimensions and sizes of storage beds

    Our storage beds are available in a broad array of UK sizes to cater to your specific needs:

    1. Single (3' x 6'3"): Single storage beds are compact, making them a popular choice for children's rooms. They are also a good fit for smaller guest bedrooms, as they can comfortably accommodate adults.
    2. Small double (4' x 6'3"): Ideal for compact living spaces, small double beds take up less room than a standard double but can still comfortably sleep two people. Opting for a small double bed with in-built drawers in the base is a smart way to maximise your room space.
    3. Double (4'6" x 6'3"): A universally loved option, the double storage bed provides plenty of comfort and room for two sleepers, with additional space to spare.
    4. King size (5' x 6'6"): If you're someone who loves to stretch out luxuriously while you sleep, our king-size beds with storage are an excellent choice.
    5. Super king size (6' x 6'6"): If you have a spacious bedroom and desire the ultimate in comfort and relaxation, our super king size beds with storage offer an abundant space to unwind.

    Materials and customisation options for storage beds

    The materials used in our storage beds vary extensively, designed to cater to your unique style preferences:

    1. Fabric storage beds: Soft-touch fabric beds add a cosy feel to a bedroom, available in an array of stylish colours, including grey and natural.
    2. Velvet storage beds: These on-trend velvet beds add a touch of luxury to your bedroom, available in a multitude of stylish colours. Our velvet options include soft velvet and crushed velvet for that extra touch of opulence.
    3. Linen storage beds: Linen beds lend a timeless, classic look to any bedroom decor.
    4. Naples storage beds: Naples fabric is a versatile option that adds texture and depth to the look of a bed frame.
    1. Wooden storage beds: These bed frames are crafted from a wide array of wood types, including oak and pine, imparting a natural aesthetic to your bedroom.

    Additionally, we offer various customisation options. You can opt to add storage boxes or choose different types of ottoman storage beds based on your specific needs.

    How much storage space can you get with a storage bed?

    The quantity of storage space that you can gain with a storage bed is determined by the size and type of bed you choose. For single, double, king, and super king beds, you'll generally gain storage equivalent to the floor space underneath the mattress. Ottoman or lift-up storage beds typically offer the maximum storage space, as they allow you to utilise the entire length and width of the bed. Beds with drawers, on the other hand, offer more opportunities for organisation but usually provide slightly less overall storage due to the space required for the drawer frame.

    Mid or high sleeper beds, being elevated higher from the floor, offer an even larger area for storage. Many models come with built-in shelving, wardrobes, or both for the ultimate in space-saving design.


    Your comfort during sleep is just as important as the aesthetics and storage capacity of your bed. That's why we at British Bed Store not only provide you with a variety of storage bed options but also guide you in pairing your chosen bed with the right mattress.

    Consider Your Bed Type

    The type of storage bed you select can influence the mattress choice. For instance, ottoman storage beds usually have a solid base, which provides good support for any mattress type. On the other hand, if you're going for a storage bed with a slatted base, consider a mattress that can handle the gaps between the slats. A pocket sprung mattress or a memory foam mattress usually works well with slatted bases as they offer more flexibility and adapt well to the contours of the bed.

    Mattress Size

    Ensure that your mattress matches the size of your storage bed. Our beds come in all standard UK sizes - single, small double, double, king size, and super king size - and we have mattresses available to fit all these dimensions perfectly.

    Firmness and Material

    The firmness and material of your mattress depend on your personal comfort preference and any specific needs you might have. Memory foam mattresses are an excellent choice if you're looking for personalised contouring and pressure relief. Pocket sprung mattresses are known for their breathability and support, making them a good fit for people who tend to sleep hot or require more structured support. Hybrid mattresses combine the benefits of both.

    Remember, at British Bed Store, we're dedicated to ensuring you have the perfect sleep setup. If you need any advice on selecting the right mattress for your storage bed, our team of experts is always ready to assist. Together, we can create a bedroom environment that's not only aesthetically pleasing but also functionally sound and incredibly comfortable.


    Storage Bed Maintenance Tips

    Proper care of your storage bed not only preserves its appearance but also extends its lifespan. Here are some easy-to-follow maintenance tips:

    1. Regular Cleaning: Dust your bed frame regularly and vacuum the storage compartments to prevent dust accumulation. For fabric and upholstered beds, use a fabric cleaner suitable for the specific material.

    2. Avoid Overloading: While storage beds are designed to be robust, avoid exceeding the recommended weight limit for the drawers or storage compartments to prevent damage.

    3. Occasional Inspection: Check the bed frame, slats, and storage compartments periodically for any signs of wear and tear. Regular maintenance will ensure your bed stays in top condition.

    Choosing the Right Storage Bed

    When selecting a storage bed, consider the following factors to ensure you pick the one that's best suited for your needs:

    1. Room Size: Measure your room size before making a purchase. This ensures the bed fits comfortably in the room and leaves enough space for the drawers or compartments to open fully.

    2. Storage Requirements: Consider what you'll be storing in the bed. If it's larger items like suitcases or blankets, an ottoman bed could be the best option. If you need compartmentalised storage for smaller items, consider a bed with drawers.

    3. Bed Material: The material of the bed not only influences the aesthetics but also the durability and maintenance required. Choose a material that complements your room décor and fits your lifestyle.

    4. Bed Size: Consider the size of the bed. If you need more sleeping space, a king or super king size bed might be ideal. For children's rooms or guest rooms, a single or small double bed could be sufficient.

    We hope these tips will be helpful as you explore our extensive collection of storage beds. Remember, our team at British Bed Store is always here to help. If you have any queries or need further advice, please don't hesitate to reach out. Together, let's revolutionise your bedroom space with the perfect storage bed.

    In conclusion

    Storage beds are not just functional; they are a stylish and innovative solution for modern living. Whether you're dealing with a small, cluttered space or a large room that you want to optimise, a storage bed could be your best investment. With a wide variety of sizes, designs, materials, and customisation options, you're sure to find the perfect storage bed that suits your needs and aesthetic preferences. Remember, a storage bed isn't just a piece of furniture; it's a way to enhance your lifestyle, improve organisation, and create a peaceful, clutter-free space. Explore the wide variety of options at British Bed Store and revolutionise your bedroom today.