Double Size Bed Dimensions: Comprehensive Guide to Finding the Perfect Fit for Your Needs

Double Size Bed Dimensions: Comprehensive Guide to Finding the Perfect Fit for Your Needs


Discover the ideal double size bed for your space and preferences by understanding the dimensions, comparisons to other bed sizes, and how UK double beds differ from US and European doubles. In this comprehensive guide, we'll discuss the dimensions of a double bed, compare it to other mattress sizes, and explain the differences between UK, US, and European double beds.

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UK Double Bed Dimensions

 A UK double bed measures 135cm wide and 190cm long (approximately 53 inches wide and 75 inches long), making it a popular option for its balance between smaller standard sizes (small single, single, or small double) and larger sizes (king and super king). The double bed offers a comfortable compromise between sleeping space and room occupancy, as well as being an affordable option, especially when you find a great deal during mattress sales.

 A detailed illustrative diagram showcasing various UK bed sizes, from small single to super king. Each bed size is distinctly labeled and accompanied by precise measurements in both centimeters and inches, providing an easy-to-understand visual guide for bed size comparisons

Comparisons to Other UK Bed Sizes

UK Queen/Small Double: Compared to a queen size bed (also known as a small double), which measures 120 x 190cm (approximately 48 x 75 inches), a UK double bed is wider but the same length. A small double is 15cm narrower than a double bed, making it unsuitable for couples but ideal for older children, teenagers, or single adults who need more space.

UK King: On the other hand, a double bed is 15cm narrower and 10cm shorter than a king bed, which measures 150 x 200cm (approximately 60 x 203 inches). Both UK double and king beds are suitable for couples, but a king bed provides more space for sleeping and is better for taller individuals.

UK Super King: A double bed is significantly smaller than a super king bed, which measures 180cm x 200cm (approximately 71 x 79 inches). Super king beds offer the most spacious sleeping area but require more floor space in the bedroom.

UK Single: A single bed in the UK measures 90cm wide and 190cm long (approximately 36 inches wide and 75 inches long). A UK double bed is the same length as a UK single but a third wider. While single mattresses are more suitable for smaller children, doubles are popular for older children, teenagers, and single adults who want more space in bed.

UK Bed Sizes

Bed Size Width (cm / inches) Length (cm / inches)
Small Single 75 / 30 190 / 75
Single 90 / 36 190 / 75
Small Double 120 / 48 190 / 75
Double 135 / 53 190 / 75
King 150 / 60 200 / 79
Super King 180 / 71 200 / 79

Table 1: UK Bed Sizes

US Double Bed Dimensions

A US double bed, also known as a full-size mattress, is 54 inches wide and 75 inches long (approximately 137cm wide and 191cm long). Essentially, a US double bed is just a few centimetres wider and about a centimetre longer than a UK double bed.

Comparisons to Other US Bed Sizes 

US Queen: The next step up in size from a US double is a US queen, which measures 60 x 80 inches (approximately 152 x 203cm), making it both wider and longer.

 US Twin XL: The next step down is a twin XL, which is 38 inches wide and 80 inches long (approximately 97cm wide and 203cm long). That makes a twin XL narrower by 16 inches but also longer by five inches than a US double bed.

 US Twin: Narrower still, but the same length as a US double bed is a twin size mattress, which is 38 inches wide and 75 inches long (approximately 97cm wide and 191cm long).

US Bed Sizes

Bed Size Width (cm / inches) Length (cm / inches)
Twin 97 / 38 191 / 75
Twin XL 97 / 38 203 / 80
Full/Double 137 / 54 191 / 75
Queen 152 / 60 203 / 80
King 193 / 76 203 / 80
Cal King 183 / 72 213 / 84

Table 2: US Bed Sizes

European Double Bed Dimensions

In Europe, there is no direct equivalent to either the UK double or US double bed. The closest size is the Euro double, which measures 140 x 200cm (approximately 55 x 78 inches), making it 5cm wider and 10cm longer than a UK double bed. 

Comparisons to Other European Bed Sizes

Euro Single: The Euro single bed measures 90 x 200cm (approximately 35 x 78 inches). This makes it narrower than a Euro double bed but the same length. The Euro single bed is suitable for one person, while the Euro double can accommodate two.

Euro King: A Euro king bed measures 160 x 200cm (approximately 63 x 78 inches), which is 20cm wider and the same length as a Euro double bed. This size offers more space for couples who prefer extra sleeping room.

Euro Super King: The largest standard European bed size is the Euro super king, which measures 180 x 200cm (approximately 71 x 78 inches). This bed size provides the most spacious sleeping area for couples but requires significantly more floor space in the bedroom.


European Bed Sizes

Bed Size Width (cm / inches) Length (cm / inches)
Euro Single 90 / 35 200 / 78
Euro Double 140 / 55 200 / 78
Euro King 160 / 63 200 / 78
Euro Super King 180 / 71 200 / 78

Table 3: European Bed Sizes

Comparative Analysis of Bed Sizes: UK, US, and Europe

As we navigate through the world of bed sizes, it can get a bit confusing given the different standards used in the UK, US, and Europe. To help clarify these differences and make the decision process easier for you, we've created a comprehensive comparison table. This table lists the equivalent bed sizes across these three regions, providing the width and length measurements for each size in both centimetres and inches. Let's take a closer look at this table and see how the different bed sizes compare.

Comparison of UK, US, and European Bed Sizes

Bed Size UK (Width x Length) US (Width x Length) Europe (Width x Length)
Small Single 75x190 cm (30x75 in) N/A N/A
Single 90x190 cm (36x75 in) Twin: 97x191 cm (38x75 in) Euro Single: 90x200 cm (35x78 in)
Small Double 120x190 cm (48x75 in) N/A N/A
Double 135x190 cm (53x75 in) Full/Double: 137x191 cm (54x75 in) Euro Double: 140x200 cm (55x78 in)
King 150x200 cm (60x79 in) Queen: 152x203 cm (60x80 in) Euro King: 160x200 cm (63x78 in)
Super King 180x200 cm (71x79 in) King: 193x203 cm (76x80 in) Euro Super King: 180x200 cm (71x78 in)
N/A N/A Twin XL: 97x203 cm (38x80 in) N/A
N/A N/A Cal King: 183x213 cm (72x84 in) N/A

Table 4: UK, US and European bed size comparison


Benefits of Double Size Beds

Space Utilization: Double beds are an excellent choice for single individuals desiring additional sleeping space or for couples who prefer more floor space in their bedroom. This makes double beds an ideal option for smaller bedrooms or guest rooms.

Affordability: Double beds are typically more affordable than king or super king sizes, making them a suitable option for new couples in a starter home, budget-conscious individuals, or those looking to furnish a guest room without breaking the bank.

Versatility: The in-between dimensions of a double bed make it a versatile option for various room sizes and occupant needs. Double beds can cater to single individuals who want more room to stretch out, as well as couples who need a cosy sleeping space.

Wide Range of Designs and Styles: Double beds come in various designs and styles to suit individual preferences and room aesthetics. From contemporary platform beds to classic wooden frames, there's a double bed style for everyone. 

Compatibility with Bedding and Accessories: Double size beds are compatible with a wide range of bedding and accessories, making it easy to find sheets, duvets, and pillows that fit and complement the bed's style.


Understanding the dimensions of a double size bed, its comparison to other bed sizes, and the differences between UK, US, and European doubles will help you find the perfect bed for your needs. Double beds offer a comfortable and versatile sleeping solution for single individuals or couples and can adapt to various room sizes and styles. By knowing the dimensions of a double bed and how it compares to other mattress sizes, you'll be better equipped to make an informed decision when purchasing a new bed for your home.

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